Cafeteria’s new mural promotes healthy living

Cafeterias new mural promotes healthy living

Fremont Federation’s cafeteria is not only for food but also for art, thanks to the Community Rejuvenation Project, an Oakland-based organization who seek to improve urban neighborhoods through art.

Dave Kim is the artist who coordinated the mural project.

“We were hired by Katie from the Health & Wellness Center to create the mural,” said Kim. “We wanted the space to change and have a different feel. [The cafeteria before] didn’t excite students.”

The cafeteria project was completed on July 1 and took a total of  nine days to finish. 12 artist, including Desi W.O.M.E., Beats737, Pancho, Dave, Ente, and Mike360, created the mural and a handful of students also volunteered. The mural was created using spray-paint and some brush.

The murals have a unifying theme of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Diversity was also a big theme, said Kim. The school mascot (Tiger), Polynesian dancers, basketball players and gardeners are just some of the characters in the mural, which covers most of the cafeteria’s walls.

“We met with the Health & Wellness Committee students and brainstormed what we would paint. Then the artists narrowed down the [characters],” said Kim.

“Fremont is a challenge; this is a rough place,” said artist Desi W.O.M.E. “We hope we can help students’ physical and mental states through our artwork.”

Desi W.O.M.E. helped found the Community Rejuvenation Project in 2005. Since then, the CRP has evolved from community gardening and cleanup to murals all around Oakland.

“I hope students like the mural,” said Desi W.O.M.E. “I hope they feel good and it inspires them to live healthy.”

Visit their Facebook fan page and their web site for more information on CPR’s mural projects.

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