Fremont finally hits the target on enrollment

On the 20th day of school, Principal Daniel Hurst breathed a sigh of relief.

Enrollment on Sept. 26 was the figure the state would us to calculate how much funding each school got.

On the 20th day, the three schools at Fremont Federation had exceeded the enrollment figures the district had assumed for its budget.

In other words, no teacher layoffs would be needed. No shifting of the master schedule would happen. No more blending of the three schools a year earlier than the reunification planned for 2012-13.

During the first month of school, student’s at all three Fremont schools were in danger of having to make to drastic changes to the master schedules.

Media Academy had extremely low enrollment and Mandela Academy and Architecture Academy were not attracting as many students as they had in the past.

As of Sept. 26, Fremont schools had about 70 more students enrolled than expected for the 2011-12 school year.

Last school year, Fremont had fewer freshmen than expected.
But now the number of freshmen is up: there are about 10 more 9th graders at Media Academy, 20 more freshmen at Mandela Academy and 20 more freshmen at Architecture Academy, for a total increase in 50 freshmen at Fremont.

Media Academy had a total of 245 students, Mandela had 315 students and Architecture Academy had 343 students enrolled on the 20th day. In all, the Fremont campus had a total of 903 students on the date the state used to determine funding.

One factor leading new upperclassman to Fremont were school closures.

“Paul Robeson and YES closed and I just picked Media,” said senior Jorray Hart.

In a survey the Green & Gold gave to all Media Academy freshmen during the third week of school, many said that they came to Fremont because their parents chose it for them. Others said they did not want a large school like Skyline or Tech.

“I feel like I could get more attention in small school,” said freshman Brandon Etter.