Bullying is the target of freshman workshop

Bullying is the target of freshman workshop

NO MORE BULLYING Freshmen in Howard Ruffner’s Multimedia class play an icebreaker game on Nov. 3 before defining bullying and brainstorming ways to try to stop it. The workshop was presented by volunteers from the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.

Bullying at Fremont includes cyber threats, fighting and name calling.

That’s what Media Academy freshmen said during an anti-bullying workshop on Nov. 3. The workshop was run by volunteers from the University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Public Health and took place in three classes: Journalism, English and multimedia.

“I learned that bullying is a very cruel thing and that people should stop doing it,” said freshman Deantae Kennedy.

Students brainstormed ideas about what they thought bullying was and what they thought they could do to stop it. They also presented what they brainstormed and got each other’s opinions.

Some students said the most interesting activity was brainstorming.

“Writing down our ideas was most interesting because we got to talk about bullying,” said freshman Malik Candler.

Teachers Sonja Totten-Harris, Howard Ruffner and Lisa Shafer organized the workshop because they are concerned about how students are treating each other at school.

“Bullying is a very damaging situation,” said Shafer. “It hurts the individuals and it hurts our school.”

Maria Fernandez, who is the leader of the volunteer group, and five other graduate students met with the three teachers on Tuesday to plan their next workshop, which probably will take place in February.

They hope students will come up with an anti-bullying plan for the school.