Occupy Oakland draws students, teachers to General Strike

Occupy Oakland draws students, teachers to General Strike

“Kim Kardashian’s wedding could have paid for my college tuition for 580 years… And I’m supposed to be okay with that?”

This was one of thousands of signs carried by protesters at the General Strike held in front of Oakland’s City Hall on Nov. 2. The strike was called as part of the Occupy Movement, in which people say that the super-rich and corporations need to pay a bigger share of taxes to help out the other 99 percent of the people in America.

Around 11:40 a.m., a group of people marched down to city hall carrying signs that said “Stand with the 99%” and yelling “We are the 99%!”

Some restaurants, including The Fat Cat Cafe on the 1700 block of Telegraph Avenue, were closed down during the strike.

Next door to The Fat Cat, the Obama campaign office window showed signs of at least one protester’s discontent.

Lettering that once simply read  “Stand with Obama” had been tampered with. “Stand” was crossed out with the words  “sell out” underneath.

In the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, renamed “Oscar Grant Plaza” by occupiers, protesters gathered with a diversity of signs, including “Stand with the 99%,” “bail out schools, not banks,” and “Peacfully (sic) Pissed.”

The protesters included some students and teachers.

The Occupy Movement  “is going to change America,” said Media Academy senior Tony Mai, who decided not to go to school on Wednesday so he could support the movement and join the General Strike.

Many Oakland teachers wearing bright green Oakland Education Association t-shirts also were in the crowd at the plaza. It is unclear how many of the 300 or so Oakland teachers who used a personal day to attend the strike were from Fremont Federation of High Schools. 

The Green & Gold will give expanded coverage of the General Strike and the Occupy Movement in its next edition.