New Fremont plan includes ‘colleges,’ freshman house

With a new school year, there will be a new Fremont.

There could even be a new principal.

In addition to having a freshman house next year, Fremont High will be split up into two different colleges.

College Preparatory & Architecture Academy will become the College of Science. Media Academy and Mandela Academy will merge into the College of Humanities.

Principal Daniel Hurst explained that the colleges will offer more electives for students. College of Humanities might offer courses such as creative writing, poetry and sociology. The College of Science could offer marine biology.

“There will be more flexibility for students,” said Hurst, who said students enrolled in one college could take electives in the other college.

“It’ll be good if they create the right system,” said Mandela Academy junior Nixon Callejas. “It’ll be good for students to have more choices.”

Hurst will not necessarily be the principal next year. A principal selection committee, including parents, students, staff and community members, will choose that person next month.

A Passions Activation Course will also be introduced, allowing students to explore careers they’re truly interested in, Hurst explained.

Meanwhile, some teachers are concerned about the future of the school’s three career academies.

“The colleges do not support the academy model,” said Richard Yacco, a Media Academy radio/TV teacher. “The academies are funded by the state, which will be jeopardized.”

Yacco explained that the state requires academies to run classes that have only academy students in them. If non-academy students enroll, funding will be taken away.

Another concern about the new structure is the current plan to have advisory period four days a week.

Christie Blakely, a history teacher at CPAA, started a petition against the advisory change because of the loss to instructional time. Hurst has since told staff that plan may be changed.

During report card night, many parents wrote questions about the school on index cards, but the administration did not answer them, leaving some staff and parents confused.

Hurst told the Green & Gold parents would get the answers at the next meeting. He also met with parents at a first-ever coffee in the Den on Tuesday to talk about the school plan.