Media students start electives this week

Blood and Guts- War On Film, Glee Club and Paint a Mural. These are three of 12 electives students at Media Academy will take starting this week.

For the last four years, Media students have been able to pick one class they can take instead of advisory for five to six weeks.The students have advisory only Thursdays and Fridays, and they will start electives on March 22.

The most picked elective was Glee Club, which will be taught by history teacher Elizabeth Siarny and science teacher Paul Strain with 35 students.

“I am most looking forward to sharing my love of music with students and glee-ing it up! I chose to teach an elective on singing because it’s something that I love to do and I know tons of kids like it too,” said Siarny. “I thought it would fit in with the creativity that the students exhibit and tap into some of my talents that I don’t get to use on a daily basis.”

Some electives are being offered for the first time this year including Power of Positivity with Candice Valenzuela; Blood and Guts – War On Film with Michael Jackson; Draw and Animate with Richard Yacco; Glee Club with Elizabeth Siarny and Paul Strain; Project Runway with Rebekkah Ford, Cultural Collage with Howard Ruffner and Paint a Mural with Joanna Brownson.

Others electives are repeats from previous years: Rollercoaster with Sunny Chan; Collage Zone with Yvette Huginnie; Theater Games with Sonja Totten-Harris and Cross Stitching with Felicidad Guirao.

“I like to teach cross-stitching because is a very relaxing activity, It gives your own time to think, listen to music. With cross-stitching you can relax,” said Spanish teacher Felicidad Guirao.

Jennifer Lopez, a Media Academy senior, will be taking the cross-stitching elective again this year.

“I think that the electives are fun and is a little break from school work so it’s cool. My favorite elective is cross-stitching because is very entertaining,” said Lopez.

This year, case manager Eric DuBois will not offer Chess, which was a popular elective in previous years. Instead, Resources Specialist teacher Ed Holohan will spice it up with Chess and Card Games.