Journalism students visit SF State

Journalism students visit SF State

Media Academy students view SF State’s weekly newspaper while visiting the journalism department on Feb. 22.

Juniors at Media Academy got a chance to see how journalism is taught at the college level when they visited San Francisco State University on Feb. 22.

The students did not receive a guided tour all around the school’s campus, but they did an inside look at the journalism department and the broadcasting department. This trip was founded by Exploring College and Career Options (ECCO) program being piloted this year. The course is taught by broadcast journalism teacher Richard Yacco.

Students met professor Cristina L. Azocar, who teaches journalism at the university. She gave students copies of the newspaper and magazine the university students publish. The newspaper is put out weekly and the magazine only three times a year, she said.

“It shows that their students are dedicated in getting the paper done every week,” said junior Juan Aguilar, who is a staff writer for the Green & Gold at Media Academy.

When the group visited the broadcasting department, students were able to look at the radio sound mixing room and a new sound board the department received five weeks prior to the students’ visit. They also visited a classroom briefly and the television production room.

“My favorite part of the trip was when we went into the room were all the [editors] sit at,” junior Anthony Coleman said. “I felt like I was editing a news report.”

In addition to liking that part of the trip, junior Alex Toris also said he liked being able to talk to college students.

But not all juniors were positive about the trip.

“It was boring,” said Araceli Ramos. “I felt like it really didn’t help me because I want to major in the medical field, not entertainment or media.”

For Jorge Cardenas, however, the trip was worth “seeing something new and seeing what the college offered.”