Principal selection group chooses Hurst to stay on


The new principal isn’t so new.

Daniel Hurst, who has served as the leader of all three small schools at Fremont this year, will be the principal of the “new” Fremont High School.

Hurst said that when he heard he had been selected he “felt very honored and very hopeful that we will be able to do something for the students here.”

The Oakland Unified School Board approved Hurst as principal on March 28 under recommendation of Superintendent Tony Smith, who followed the recommendation of a principal selection committee.

When the three schools revert to Fremont High School on July 1, it will be very different from the former Fremont High School that closed eight years ago. It will have two “colleges” and a freshman house. Also teachers will be working 11 months under special contracts with the school district.

To find a principal for the newly designed school, a committee met for more than a month to come up with questions for candidates applying for the job. Many committee members are glad that Hurst is going to be the principal next year.

“I am totally convinced Mr. Hurst is very committed to our children and community,” said parent and 1991 alumni Alejandra Baez, who served on the committee.

Hurst said his top priority will be to have “high expectations and high support for every student.”

But students have a different first priority for Hurst — they want off-campus lunch.