Fremont High: A new school year, a new school


NEW FREMONT FACES Ely Gonzalez instructs students in English 3 at Fremont High on the first day of school, Aug. 27. Gonzalez is one of 13 new teachers at the school, which returned to one comprehensive high school after eight years of being a federation of small schools. Photo by Alondra Alvarado

Aug. 27 was not just back to school. It was back to Fremont High School.

That’s because the three small schools at Fremont Federation of High Schools reopened as one Fremont High School for the first time in eight years. The school still hosts three academies — Media Academy, Mandela Law and Public Service Academy and Architecture Academy. It also has a new and separate freshman house.

Students returned to the changes. Some they liked. Others, not so much.

Besides having one school instead of three small schools, students also now have a new electronics policy under  which teachers and staff are required to confiscate all phones and electronic devices used during class or passing periods.

They also have a new center called ASAP that is aimed at cutting down suspensions by helping students deal with the roots of their behaviors. The co-coordinators of the ASAP Center are Jo Brownson and Ashanti Branch.

“I think it’s cool,” said sophomore Reggie Clark about the ASAP Center. “It’s a help center.”

The bell schedule is also different, with a slightly shorter lunch and a slightly shorter lunch.

“It’s sort of confusing,” said Media Academy senior Juan Aguilar. “But it’s going to work.”

Jessica Lindemulder, a sophomore, is not so sure.

“I don’t like it all because it’s not fair, ” she said. “It gives us students no ‘me time’ or anything anymore.'”

Lunch is 10 minutes shorter and the school day is 5 minutes longer on four of the five days. On Wednesdays, school is an hour and three minutes longer because lunch is now part of the school day.

Green Staff writers Steven Seng and Amahnii Foster contributed to this article.