Jr. CEO program teaches students to start businesses

Jr. CEO program teaches students to start businesses

Claire Mueller from the College and Career Readiness Office visited Lisa Shafer’s Journalism class on Sept. 12 with juniors Estephani Quintero and Edith Quintero, who both participated in the Jr. CEO program. Photo was taken by Steven Seng.

Oakland students can get $10,000 to start a business.

Representatives from the Jr. CEO program came for a press conference on Sept. 12 in Media Studies.

Money to start a business is not the only benefit, explained two of last year’s participants. Media Academy junior Estephani Quintero said the program was a way for her to see the importance of getting involved in her community and school.

“Getting involved in school, it encourages you to come to school,” said Quintero, a junior who participated with four other Fremont students last year.

If you join the program, you only have to meet twice a month from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce in Downtown Oakland.

About five sophomores at Media Academy who heard the Jr. CEO speakers have decided to actually apply.

“I think the program is useful for kids to be creative and be able to sell what they make,” said Darianna Figueroa, who has filled out her application.

Students must have sophomore credits (50 to 110 credits). They will develop a business idea and if it is judged the best, they can compete with other people to win money for their business.

Even though the Fremont students did not win the $10,000 last year, participants had good things to say about the program.

“I like that we met new people and learn how to start a business and deal with it,” said Edith Quintero.

Students can apply for the Jr. CEO program by filling out an application from the Den. The deadline is on Sept. 14.