Voters to decide today whether to support new Fremont campus

Fremont High School will be replaced with a $100 million facility if voters approve Measure J today.

Measure J is a bond proposition from the Oakland Unified School District. If Measure J passes, the district will give Fremont up to $100 million to remodel its school from $475 million that the district is planning to borrow.

This is especially exciting for Fremont because it’s the first on the list to receive the money. Nidya Baez, the school’s community manager, said that the building committee already has ideas of what will be remodeled in the school and the designs of how the school will look in 2016 after three years of remodeling is done.

“We are planning on using the money to fix the bathrooms, the portables and add a track to the football field,” said Baez. “By doing this, we hope to attract more students to Fremont.”

If Measure J is to pass, residents will also have to agree to the increase in property tax. Taxes could increase from $30 to $60 a year, depending on the location and the value of the property. People who pay rent will probably see an increase in the rent due to the landlord having to pay more property taxes. This could make people think twice, but Baez is confident that the proposition will be passed. A 55 percent supermajority vote is needed for approval.

Like Baez, Principal Daniel Hurst is excited for Measure J.

“It [the rebuilding plan] is beautiful and amazing. It will be a real benefit for the whole community,” said Hurst.
Elizabeth Siarny described the portable she teaches in as “horrible.”

She is enthusiastic that her classroom will be torn down and made into a totally different place where students do not have to worry about the classroom not being in good shape, but in what they learn in the classroom.

“It’s human nature to want to be in a clean place,” said Siarny. “For students to come to school knowing there’s water damage and health hazards is demoralizing.”

Even though the remodeling will take three years and seniors won’t be affected directly by the remodeling, senior Aneesah Grayson didn’t hesitate to share her feeling towards the changes that Measure J will bring.

“Players can’t play on the field because it’s not wide enough to play football and they should be able to have real grass,” she said,“ because the field is not for playing football they have to go somewhere else to play.”

On the other hand, freshman Adriana Duran will be able to see the new campus by the time she is a senior.

“We [freshmen] will have the opportunity to learn in a campus that was remodeled to improve students education” said Duran, “ That will encourage students to come to school ready to learn.”