Class of 13 graduation site finalized

Class of 13 graduation site finalized

With three months before graduation, administrators finally found place for seniors to walk the stage.

The administration considered having graduation on the field located on Fremont’s campus, but due to many complaints both by students and parents the idea was dropped.

Two possible locations for graduation where the Scottish Rite Temple on Lakeside Drive or outdoors at Laney College, according to Principal Daniel Hurst.

The final decision was to be in the Scottish Rite Temple.

“Some venues [are] too expensive, and [we have] such a limited budget,” said Hurst.

The cost for the Scottish Rite Temple is $5,305.

One thing that has been settled is that Fremont High will have just one graduation. This will be the first time for a Fremont High School graduation since 2005.

Another set detail is that graduation will be June 11. The seniors students will wear green and gold gowns.

That marks a change for students in the former College Preparatory and Architecture Academy, which used to have seniors walk the stage in blue. The academy is now part of Fremont High School so students will wear the Fremont colors.

“I don’t mind the change in color since we are Fremont Tigers once again,” said Architecture Academy senior Martin Rios.

But some students want to keep the cap and gowns blue.

“The gowns should be blue because that is a more neutral color and also green and gold wouldn’t look good,” said Bryan Chavez, a senior at Architecture Academy. “We don’t want to look like a christmas tree.”

Jose Luis Rodriguez, another Architecture senior, agrees with Chavez.

“The CPAA cap and gown colors shouldn’t change due to the fact that blue looks more sophisticated,” said Rodriguez.