Sanchez named new Fremont High principal

Vice Principal Emiliano Sanchez has been named the new principal of Fremont High School.

The announcement was made at a special meeting on Friday after school by Alison McDonald, an Oakland Unified School District administrator.

Many teachers were happy with the decision.

“He’s a hugely respected member of this community by teachers, families, students alike. And I think he brings a lot of joy to everyone around him,” said freshman math teacher Catherine Le.

Students also were excited to hear.
“OMG Sanchez,” said freshman Anastasia Tieng upon learning about her new principal. “Team Sanchez!”
Raeshonna Smith, a sophomore, was also pleased with Sanchez’s promotion.

“He does his job. He’s a cool guy,” she aid.

Sanchez, a graduate of Fremont, served as vice principal this year. He was the vice principal of College Preparatory & Architecture Academy for many years and previously taught math at Fremont.

One of Sanchez’s big challenges will be a reduced staff. Budget cuts led to several positions being eliminated, including one vice principal’s spot.