JFK news made teachers cry for first time, remembers substitute


Justin Plummer, a long-term substitute, told students today about what it was like for him to hear of John F. Kennedy’s assassination 50 years ago.

Few Fremont High teachers were alive 50 years ago when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, but substitute Justin Plummer was able to explain to students today what the somber day of Nov. 22,1963 was like.

During Lisa Shafer’s third period newspaper class, Plummer explained how the nation reacted to such a sudden tragedy. Plummer, now 64, was a normal 14-year old freshman in New Jersey, having moved there from Virginia a few years earlier.

Plummer, like many Americans his age or older, remembers the exact moment when the assassination occurred.

“I was in history class when they announced it over the P.A. system, and we were sent home,” said Plummer.

He also explained how the teachers, as well as many girls in the classroom, were crying.

“School was canceled for at least two days for the national day of mourning,” said Plummer.

Students, including senior Solomon Munguia, were fascinated by Plummer’s account of the day.

“I think that it was cool that he shared his wisdom with us,” said Munguia.

Kennedy was assassinated while riding down Elm Street on his way to Dealey Plaza with his wife for a luncheon. He was shot once in the head with a sniper rifle shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

“His assassination really changed the course of history and truly was a great loss,” said Plummer.