Finals, Finals, Finals !

Semester grades coming out soon


First semester ends on Jan. 17 and students are sitting down with their teachers and cracking down hard.

 The finals schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, Jan. 22:  1st period 8:15 a.m -10:15 a.m, 2nd period 10:35 a.m -12:35 p.m

 Thursday, Jan. 23: 3rd period 8:15 a.m -10:15 a.m,  4th period 10:35 a.m -12:35 p.m

 Friday, Jan. 24: 5th period 8:15 a.m -10:15 a.m, 6th period 10:35 a.m -12:35 p.m

 Most seniors are balancing all classes, senior project, and future graduation so you know there’s a lot of stress in the air.

 “It was like a wake up call coming back to school from Christmas break and then realizing you have two weeks to get your grades, Kind of had me [tripping out],” said Media Academy sophomore Ka’vaun Murdock.

 It’s crunch time, ladies and gentlemen.