P.E. teachers, students uniformly challenged

Physical Education teacher Darlene Miller has decided not to purchase custom-made gym clothes with her own money and resell them to students because she loses too much money.

Miller had been ordering custom-made Fremont High uniforms and selling them to girls in her P.E. classes because school budget cuts prevented the school from providing uniforms for students. However, Miller found that she ended up paying out of pocket for the leftover uniforms.

“The physical education department is not the school priority,” said Miller. Instead of ordering the custom uniforms, Miller has told students they must find their own approved clothing for P.E. Approved clothing is a green or black bottom and a top in any shade of yellow.

On a recent morning, girls in Miller’s P.E. class had on a variety of clothing. Those who wore some form of sports clothing were playing basketball or soccer, while at least
two students with street clothing were walking around the football field.

To get all possible points for the lesson, students must wear the approved clothing. Students had mixed reaction to not being able to have official P.E. clothing that matches everyone else.

“I want [the clothing] custom-made because I [saw that] my brothers and cousin had them, so I want them too,” said sophomore Lisa Kong.

But junior Ginelle Bernandino sees the lack of customized clothing as an opportunity.

“I don’t mind having to buy them,” she said. “It’s better that way, so I don’t have to look like everyone else.”

Students who only dress in part of their uniforms or who do not wear sports clothing that is not the approved types of P.E. clothing get points taken off their grades.

Principal Emiliano Sanchez told reporters that whenever a school requires students to have something, including a P.E. uniform, it has to be able to provide those things to students who are unable to get their own.

He said students are still able to participate in P.E. at Fremont and receive their full grade even if they don’t have the proper attire. He said this was possible because Miller has some used clothing that is washed and that all students have to do is ask her.

But would girls wear used P.E.clothes?

“Yeah, I would wear them to get my grades up,” said junior Dejanee Heard.