Fremont considers eight-period schedule

Teachers would have two conference periods

In order for students to have more electives and teachers to have more planning time,  Fremont is considering an eight-period schedule.

Oakland Unified School District has proposed that Fremont, along with Castlemont and McClymonds, adopt an eight-period schedule instead of the current six-period schedule to improve achievement, said Principal Emiliano Sanchez.

Sanchez said that if the plan is approved, credit recovery and art classes will be available.  He also said he believes the new schedules would make it easier for students to do internships when they are seniors.

Teachers will benefit by having two conference periods instead of one as they currently have right now,  said Sanchez.

California state law requires teachers in an academy to have a shared conference period. Currently,  Fremont does not offer this to most academy teachers.

The new schedule is still being taken into consideration in part due to the additional funding that will be necessary to offer more electives and free periods for teachers.

Sanchez estimates that the eight- period schedule will cost 13 percent more than the six- period schedule, and he does not know where the money will come from.