Green & Gold publishes last newspaper after 104 years

Green & Gold publishes last newspaper after 104 years

This is the last story to be published in the 104-year-old Green & Gold newspaper because the production class has been cut.

“We are working off a limited budget,” Principal Emiliano Sanchez told staff writer Nelis Munguia. “We received a substantial cut in funds and personnel.”

The paper is put out by Media Academy, which pays for the printing but not the newspaper adviser.

Students on the current Green & Gold staff did a Do Now exercise last month addressing the end of the newspaper.

“That is crazy and stupid because we [have had] the Green & Gold for a while. I think we should have a newspaper because then everybody [is] going to know what is going to happen,” wrote one junior on the staff.

Her classmate said, “There should be a newspaper class because it’s been around for so long and some people do read it.”

Another junior said the newspaper class should stay “because it’s fun.”

But one staff member was more practical.

“The art of newspaper is dying,” wrote the two-year staff member.