Tupou blogs about human trafficking

Anastasia Tupou, a junior at Fremont High, has started a blog with classmates called “Human Trafficking The Real.”

Here is her second post that she wrote after being touched by an NBC Bay Area video of a victim’s mother.

Human Trafficking Impacts A Mother

While watching an NBC Bay Area video of a mother telling the story of how her daughter was kidnapped and put in sex trafficking, I saw how it impacted the mother completely.

In the video, the mother (Vicki Zito) explains that her daughter was kidnapped from a Safeway parking lot. Eight days later, she was found in a Motel 6 in Fremont, California after others saw her pictures on Craigslist. Her kidnapper was selling her for sex.

This proves that human trafficking really matters because innocent bystanders are being taken from places you wouldn’t even think about, leaving family & friends horrible.

I thought of my own mother because she gets worried if I’m out later than usual. Mothers are worried when their daughters are out for more than three hours, imagine eight days.