Fremont students protest actions by security officer and administration

Fremont students protest actions by security officer and administration

Fremont students protested today the way the school is being run, especially how a security officer and vice principal handled a recent discipline incident. In that incident, a student was sent to the hospital.

The protesters chanted about justice and asked for the two employees to be fired.

“I support the cause of this movement because kids should not be getting hurt from people who are supposed to protect you,” said sophomore Rosalinda Ramos.

Ramos was referring to the way a vice principal and security officer dealt with a student in the school office on Jan. 8. Videotape of the incident showed the two men tackling and roughhousing a student who later was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. KPIX showed photos of that student in the hospital with severe bruises to several parts of his body.

School officials told the Oakland Tribune that the actions the security officer and principal took were simply to protect the student from himself.

That student is fine now and actually joined the protest.

The protest started 10 minutes into the second class period, around 9:45 a.m., when student organizers made an announcement with a code to let classmates know to go to the courtyard. Many of them had prepared bright green signs that demanded changes.

Principal Pamela Watson told the protesters that she would be willing to talk to students about their concerns if everyone returned to class. Students decided to do a sit down instead.

In reaction to the protest, teacher Jason Muniz said he was “proud and worried” about his students.

“I support the students in their goal in their efforts to make the school a safe place,” he said. “However, I am not sure it was very safely organized.”

Students broke through the front gate on 47th Avenue to leave campus. Some students jumped on a police car and broke its windows. Around 100 students headed to Foothill Boulevard and held signs that asked for school safety and justice. Some had hashtags that asked for one vice principal to be fired.