Are they just clowning around?

Clown threats reach the Fremont campus

Students in Concord, California report on Instagram about clown sightings.
Students in Concord, California report on Instagram about clown sightings. (re-posted by @kingaudiboy)

A serious case of clown threats spreading throughout the country have reached Fremont High School.

Students received threats on Instagram from multiple accounts Thursday afternoon. The threats started in late August in South Carolina and have spread to the Bay Area including Oakland, Antioch, Fairfield and Richmond.

“These clowns are just people,” said Jaymee Vaughn, a Media Academy senior. “Why are clowns being made a big deal when we have more issues in the world? We have clowns running for president for God’s sake. This is just terrible.”

According to the news site KRON 4, the latest clown has been spotted in Richmond, California. The clown was seen on Wednesday afternoon at 1:55 p.m. near the Planet Fitness on 4925 Macdonald Ave.

The witness who posted the photo to social media said the clown was “very scary and creepy.”

Administration at Fremont said if a clown is sighted near the school, the administration will enact an immediate lock down to ensure student safety.

“I do not think we are in danger but if something were to happen I don’t think we would be 100 percent safe,” said Guadalupe Ramirez a student at Fremont.

The clowns have multiple Instagram accounts. They direct message the kids and threaten them. Some of the account names are @clown, @15below_thouse, @creepy._.clowns, @clowns4l.

Teachers at Fremont High School are also fed up with the whole clown situation.

“I can’t believe that on top of everything else teachers and students have to worry about on a daily basis, now we have to deal with freakin’ clowns,” said Jo Paraiso a Fremont English teacher.

Some students are actively engaging with the clowns on social media and asking them to attend to their school sites. Other students are influenced by what they are reading on social media.

“I know that the clowns are violent,” said Darrell Murphy, a Media Academy senior. “I don’t feel safe. The security guards need to protect us if they come to Fremont.”