Kevin Powell Inspires Students at Fremont

Student Rosalinda Ramos met with Kevin Powell for a video interview on Oct. 17.

Kevin Powell, an African-American political activist, poet and writer visited Fremont High School in October to speak to students about how they could improve their community, both academically, through understanding the purpose of education, and mentally by discovering their true identity.

Jasmene Miranda, director of the Media Academy, introduced Powell to a group of students. As he approached them in a chill manner, he asked that they call him by his first name, “Kevin.”

Powell met Media Academy students in the auditorium where he spoke about his background. His life was rough but he showed resilience and advanced into a better position while he was in college.

He also spoke words of wisdom emphasizing that education is key. What helped him to find himself in life was “reading, studying and traveling.” Powell said, “My motto is #READSTUDYTRAVEL.” 

“Be forever curious and never let the inner child in you die.””

— Kevin Powell

He asked students, “Who all wants to go to college?” Many students raised their hands and Powell had student volunteers from the Media Academy share what they wanted to do after college.

After these students gave examples of the colleges and careers they were interested in, Powell inspired Media Academy students to figure out what they want out of life as soon as possible. He said it would help them find their true identity and the career they want to pursue.

His way of overcoming obstacles spoke to the students. He said he’s always kept doing what he loved to do. “What makes me happy is helping other people. That’s why I am an activist,” Powell said.

Now he pursues it with great pleasure by traveling around the world and preaching the word of advice to students.

But Powell still remembers where he came from.

“Sometimes we look beyond our own families. Then we realize, ‘Hey, the people who can really be your inspiration are right in front of you,’” Powell said.

He said his mother was his inspiration because she was the hardest working person he knew.

“She’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. . . She never went to high school, but she was smart at this thing called life,” Powell said.

Powell was comfortable speaking in an informal way and he never changed up his personality. He kept it 100.