Full schedule policy gets mixed reviews

Some students need to make up credits, others want to leave early.

Agnes Kaufusi and Lilian Mancia , Senior reporters

Students at Fremont High School are now required to enroll in a full schedule of eight classes during this academic school year. This is an updated policy for all Oakland Unified School District schools to have each student attend all classes, whether they need the class to graduate or not. As for the seniors, there are pros and cons with the new schedule.

For the 2016 to 2017 school year, OUSD established a policy based upon the school schedules in Oakland schools. “The district made a policy that all students would be in a full schedule to ensure that they would be in school and that they were being productive at that time,” said Caitlin Martindale, the ninth and 12th grade counselor at Fremont High.

This policy serves to give students better opportunities to improve their grades in previous classes they have taken or to make up any credits they are missing. “I like it [the full schedule] ’cause I need the classes. I don’t want to leave early ‘cause then I’m not going to graduate,” said Albert Tafolla, a Fremont High senior.

As for the seniors, they are not allowed to take a smaller amount of classes, even if they do not need them, due to this new OUSD policy. “The only way a senior will be able to take less classes is if they have 180 credits by the end of their junior year, have above a 2.5 [GPA], and they don’t have any classes they need to take,” Martindale added.

Regardless, students that do not need to enroll in a full schedule are not allowed to leave school early. Some students, especially seniors, believe they can benefit from leaving early. They can work at their jobs, take care of business outside of school, or have an internship. “Let the people that need the classes stay and for the people that don’t, leave early,” said Tafolla.