KMEL radio host Radio Reem visits Fremont

Jordan Phal , Staff Reporter

Joshua McRea
Radio Reem, a KMEL radio host also known as Kareem, visited Fremont High School on Nov. 17, 2016. With all of the things that he’s been through in his life, he came to drop some knowledge on the Fremont students.

Reem began as an intern at Youth Radio where his passion for media grew. At the age of 18, he found out that he was having his first child and felt pressure to get a job that paid more than Youth Radio.

“At the time, being 18 and finding out that I was going to be a father and have three people to take care of essentially, it was pressure,” Reem said. “It was pressure that I’d never felt before.”

Reem didn’t have a father when he was growing up so taking care of his family was important to him. He enlisted in the air force to support him and his family. Shortly after coming back from the military, he became hungrier and hungrier to learn more about media.

“The more you show some you’re hungry the more people want to help you,” Reem said.   

Reem said he believes that to make it in any industry you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next level.  He said you always have to represent yourself 100 percent and keep an open-mind because you never know what you’ll pick up that you can use later.