The Fremont Pipeline

Students are thirsty for answers

The students and staff of Fremont High School are into some foggy water. Thirsty students looking for some refreshment are finding orange, yellowish water that some students say tastes like sewage. But is it really sewage? What is going on at Fremont High?

Fremont Counselor Caitlin Martindale said, “My understanding is that the water in Oakland is very good. It’s very healthy.”

As it turns out, the problem is not the water. Fremont High has old metal pipes that may be causing the water we drink to turn into a misty color.

Fremont High head custodian Dan Cunningham said that workers are replacing the cast iron pipes with composite ones. He recommended that students stay away in the meantime.

“For the next couple of months, students should consider drinking bottled water until the pipes are replaced,” Cunningham suggested.

Students feel it is the students and not the teachers who are affected by water quality at Fremont. After interviewing them, one thing kept coming up. As Arlin Gomez, an 11th grader put it, “The water is not good quality. It could be better than what is and what it tastes like.”

Arlin said she did not feel safe and that the water problem was affecting her ability to concentrate in class. When she does not drink water, she gets frustrated and can hardly think while in class.

According to Cunningham, East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) is in charge of providing water for schools so there isn’t anything he or the administration can do at this time. EBMUD is working on replacing these pipes and should be finished in January.