ECHO Supports Fremont Students by Awarding Them


“Lead to Excell” was the motto for this year’s Latino Student Honor Roll. The annual event honored 55 Fremont High School students in April at the Cathedral of Christ the Light near Lake Merrit.

Over the past 31 years, the Educational Coalition for Hispanics in Oakland, also known as ECHO, organizes the event to recognize local Latino students from sixth to 12th grade who have a GPA of 3.0 and above. They also encourage them to continue their academic success in school.

“ECHO makes a difference in the school work that I do,” said Javier Garcia Valdes, a junior at  Fremont. “It influences and encourages me to do better in school. Once you’re up there and you get awarded you feel proud of yourself. You feel like you not only made yourself proud but also your family that are watching in the audience.”

During the event, great role models from the Oakland community came together to share their personal struggles and accomplishments they had when they were in school, in order to inspire students to keep striving for success.

Jorge Cantu Leram, a former OUSD teacher was one the speakers at the event. “Latino students are not recognized and this is a way to pay attention to their creativity and imagination,” said Leram.

A group of students, who are part of the ECHO program, performed “bailes folklóricos,” which are traditional dances that showcase Mexican folk culture with ballet dance characteristics.

ECHO also supports Latino students by awarding scholarships to eligible students who have received the honor roll award. In addition to helping students, they support families by providing bilingual support and workshops that address the issues Latinos face today.