API school ranking ignores Media Academy merit

As a student at Media Academy, I can truly say my school is underrepresentedby the state’s Academic Performance Index. We are seen by the state as a “1:1” school, which is the lowest ranking a school can get.

This means that Media is in the bottom 10 percent of schools on standardized tests and the bottom 10 percent of 100 schools that are supposedly just like ours. On standardized tests.

But off standardized tests, we have accomplished things that have warranted us to be ranked far higher than 1:1. The API is only one way of measuring schools – there are many things left out by the state’s ranking system.

For starters, when you look the ranking, you won’t see that the Oakland Works student of theyear has been from Media Academy the last two years. How can a school ranked the lowest in performance produce a student of the year for two years running?

When you look at the school’s state ranking you won’t seestudents who have been published in the Oakland Tribune and The Oakland Post and who have designed marketing materials for professional businesses.

On top of that, my school newspaper, the Green & Gold, won sixth place at a nationalconvention in Phoenix, Ariz. this year.

When you look at the state’s school ranking system, you won’t see that my school won first place in the College Summit wall competition. This may not seem like a big deal, but that wall was put together by students, not adults, unlike