Taking the test seriously paid off

Taking the test seriously paid off

If you walk in to Media Academy, you will see that the teachers are really happy.

The reason for this happiness is that last year Media students increased their CST scores and that in turn helped make the school a little better, especially because we’d heard threats that the school would be closed down like our neighbor, Robeson School of Visual and Performing Arts.

In fact, Media as a school achieved the best scores of all four school at Fremont Federation.

It is a good feeling to know that the school I attend is improving on test taking skills, and that students increased their knowledge.

I was impressed by my own scores. The year before, I had done really bad but last year I improved by more than 100 points.

I also feel more school pride, and I believe that’s the same feeling the teachers have.

It would be nice to hear next year that Media did well again, and it would be great to see and know that students will continue to care about taking test seriously.

Some Media teachers awarded students with food and treats, and it’s that type of encouragement our school needs to continue to do well.