Say What? No Prom? No Way!

Seniors at Fremont Federation might not have their prom this year. The problem is the fact that no one wants to take responsibility for taking care of the task needed for the prom to be in existence.

Yes, it is true the juniors also would not have a prom. But it’s a bigger deal for seniors because juniors have another year to make it up.

The sponsors who did prom for the last few years feel like it is a waste for them to do prom and not get paid for it.

Many seniors are mad to know that their prom might not happen, and if it does, it will be really fun deprived.

The core of the problem is that there is no one coordinator to take care of the events that happen here at Fremont.

 It would be much easier for students to go to one person who handles the events, than to go to multiple individuals who get confused when asked about certain questions.          

I believe that a coordinator would be able to handle most of the specifics of an event like prom, and I know most seniors would agree with me.

No one wants to look back in life, and say they missed out on a life experience like senior prom. Imagine how uncomfortable future conversations would be if you had to make-up a story about your senior prom.

I believe that we as a school need to work harder to see that events like prom happen, and that they’re good.Why should students sit back and watch as other kids from around the nation have fun, and then not get a piece of that fun for themselves?

What seniors at Fremont need to do is take charge by writing the necessary letters to those individuals at our federation who can make a difference, doing the necessary fund-raising and speaking to the right adults about these events.

We can’t blame others for our own lack of action.

Teachers and staff need to find an individual who will be put on a salary to be an events coordinator. The event coordinator must be paid correctly, so that the events are planned well.