Raiders fans remember Davis

I was one of the Oakland Raider fans who gathered at the game versus the Cleveland Browns on Oct. 16 to remember former team owner Al Davis, who had unexpectedly died on Oct. 8.

My experience at the game began early in the morning when I arrived at the Oakland Coliseum at 11:15 a.m. I made my way through the Coliseum’s parking lot to meet my friends and began tailgating for the first time.

There was such a sense of love between all Raider fans–it didn’t matter if Browns fans passed by. There wasn’t any tension between the fans. I met so many great people and had a good time bonding with other Raiders fans. 

We made our way to the line where everyone was anxiously waiting to get in. When we were inside walking to our seats all you can hear was fans shouting, “Raiders!” I could see was fans wearing RIP Al Davis shirts and holding signs to remember him.

The audience gave a moment of silence to commemorate Davis. During small breaks between the game, they played short clips of Davis’ career on the big screens. Those clips that made many fans around me burst out crying.

When half time came, there was a small ceremony made to remember Davis’ accomplishments. It made me think about how much Davis meant to the team and how all of the Raiders fans would miss him.

John Madden, the famous television sports broadcaster and former Raiders coach, was there to honor Davis. He lit a torch for Davis and silence overtook the stadium.

I looked around me and saw the whole stadium filled with sadness and grief.

When the game was all over, people were filled with satisfaction. The Raiders team had won 24-17 to the Cleavland Browns and they had said their last goodbye to the great Al Davis.