OUSD should make Fremont a priority

The school district has plans to rebuild Fremont’s campus, but it’s not a guarantee, Principal Daniel Hurst told the Green & Gold on Sept. 13.

We believe that Fremont is in dire need of being rebuilt. It is unfair that schools that did not need the renovations as badly have already been rebuilt.

Schools like Oakland High have been given tens of millions of dollars. Meanwhile, Fremont was only given $545,932, less than six percent of the $10 million from Measure B that was promised. The district complains that enrollment is dropping at Fremont, but they are not giving us the money to rebuild and modernize our buildings.

Oakland High was already in relatively good condition and has had high enrollment rates. Fremont’s portables, in turn, are unsanitary and hazardous to students’ health. Most of the portables have been infested with rodents and have severe termite damage.

The wood on the Media Academy portables is so rotten that during the summer, thieves were able to take the doors off their hinges, break into the portables and steal valuable equipment.

The portables are so old and unsafe that many students feared the portables would collapse during the magnitude 4.0 earthquake on Oct. 20.

If the district gave us the funding that we needed, then we would be able to get rid of the unsafe portables and get stable buildings. Students should feel safe being on their high school campus.

The Fremont football field is not the right size, so our football players cannot use it for home games. Instead, they have to travel to Curt Flood Field. Many students don’t go to games because they are too far away. If we were able to rebuild our field, more students would attend the games and that would build school spirit.

Despite not having enough resources and new equipment, students at Fremont have worked hard and improved test scores on standardized tests. We believe they deserve to have a better, modernized campus with more resources to help them succeed.