Hurst should improve internships, close portables

Hurst should improve internships, close portables

The decision is in for the new principal, and he isn’t exactly new — Fremont Federation of High Schools Principal Daniel Hurst will remain as the principal of the school when it opens as Fremont High next school year.

Oakland Unified School District’s board of directors approved Hurst as principal on March 28 after he received a recommendation from Superintendent Tony Smith.

Hurst also received a recommendation from the 12-member Principal Selection Committee, which included teachers, parents, community members, staff members and one student.

We, the Green & Gold, applaud this decision. Hurst has been working at Fremont for more than 25 years. Hurst is the right choice because he understands the strengths and weaknesses of the school, and treats the school like it is his family.

Hurst told the Green & Gold his top priority is to have “high expectations and high support” for students.

While we are glad Hurst is remaining as our principal, we have high expectations for him as well. Here is a list of things that we expect him to prioritize:


On the top of Hurst’s list should be finalizing which subjects will be taught and where the classes will be located. The freshman house is set to be placed in a separate part of the campus, meaning many teachers may have to move classrooms.

“We have not made a final decision about the location of the freshman wing,” Hurst told the Green & Gold.

He needs to make that decision quickly so that we know exactly where the classes will be.

Students are always the last ones to be informed about all of the decisions made on campus, and we feel as if we should at least know where the classes will be.

We also need to find out which classes will be offered next year, including Advanced Placement courses. This is important to the upcoming seniors because it will be their last year in high school, and they need to be informed soon to plan their class schedule.


We want Hurst to move teachers out of the B portables because these “temporary” classrooms have been used for nearly 50 years. They were not meant for long-term use. Many have termites, mold, mildew and mice. The floors are uneven and the air is stuffy.

Basically, these portables are unsanitary and unhealthy for students and the staff to be in.

“High support” for students should include giving them clean and safe classrooms.


We also want Hurst to push for better food in the cafeteria. People make it seem as if the food in the cafeteria is healthy for us, but every day it seems as if the same food is being served — pizza and sandwiches. If students were able to have different lunch choices, they would have the chance to make healthier choices.


Since many students did not try out for sports, several teams were cancelled this year.

We had no baseball or track teams. Swimming was cancelled last year and the cheerleading season ended after the squad could not get uniforms or an adviser to lead them.

We believe sports are very important to our school because they are a way for students to stay in shape and gain school spirit. Without sports, the student body has no games to look forward to. When we have sports, people from other schools can come watch the games and see our school. It gives Fremont more publicity.

Many students also keep their grades up because they want to play for a sports team and go to college on an athletic scholarship, but when they are not given the chance to join a team, they tend to give up. Because of the 2.0 GPA requirement, sports can be a way to motivate students to do well in school. We do not want talented athletes to slack off in class and think there isn’t anything else for them to do.


Another thing we want is for Hurst to ensure that students have more internship opportunities. Many students complain about being bored at school and that they never get a chance to study something they are truly interested in.

If students were granted more internship opportunities, maybe they would become more involved in school and the community. These internships should not only be for upperclassmen — freshmen and sophomores should also have the opportunity to have internships.


Having Hurst remain as the principal of Fremont is a wonderful idea, but in order to create a better school and a better environment for everyone, Hurst needs to prioritize the things students see as important.

Many decisions are being made about the new school and the students’ voices are not included enough.

We want the administration to do more outreach. We want staff to actually take the time to figure out what students want and what they need in the new school.