Bowling league cancellation another disappointment

This year, I’ve worked hard on my grades just to play sports, but now I can’t even play — not because I did something wrong, not because my coaches or teammates did something wrong, and not because Fremont High did something wrong.

I can’t play because other schools couldn’t put together enough teams for the Oakland Athletic League to sponsor my sport.

It’s like the new bowling team was just put into the gutter. It’s unfair.

In November, I heard about the bowling team and wanted to join because it seemed like it was going to be a fun sport. It would also be another extracurricular activity that I was going to be able to put on my resume — and when you are a senior, you realize how important that can be.

The plan for the bowling team sounded great. A bus would come to pick up the team every Wednesday to take us to Mel’s Bowl in Alameda. There were only going to be games, no practice.

And Noil Angelo, head of security and my former softball coach, would also be the bowling coach.

Angelo had recruited the necessary six girls for the team and most of the boys we needed. We were ready to go — until we heard the season was cancelled.

For the first time, it seemed like the Fremont Tigers were ready and other teams weren’t. Just because a few other schools couldn’t get their teams together, we had to cancel our own season.

This was especially frustrating to me because Fremont High doesn’t have many female sports. With the OAL taking away the bowling due to lack of interest from other schools, now what’s left? Softball, volleyball, basketball and soccer. That’s it.

When I look at yearbooks from earlier days at Fremont, I see that a lot of people actually participated in sports. And there were a lot more sports — swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, tennis and even bowling.

Now, there are barely any students who want to play sports, let alone females because it seems they care only about appearance. With bowling, you could still keep up your appearance because you don’t sweat and there is really no hard work. So, taking away that specific sport really was a downfall for Fremont Lady Tigers.

While we can’t do much about the other schools not having enough teams to make a bowling league, we can do something to make sure other sports stay at Fremont or are added to Fremont.

So let’s get it together. Let’s go out for sports and stick with them.

Trust me: It all pays off when you play a sport. It feels good to have people come to see you play because you have motivation.

Let’s step it up, ladies. Join a sport.