Low classroom temperatures could be costly to FHS

Students at Fremont High School are upset that the temperatures in the classrooms can get as low as 52 degrees and as high as 91 degrees.

Just last week, temperatures throughout the 1100 and 1200 hallways were in the 50s during the mornings and in the low 60s in the afternoons.

Cold air blew in some classrooms.

Some students have researched the state law and found out that schools must keep classrooms between 65 degrees and 80 degrees, according terms reached under the Williams Case lawsuit settlement.

That settlement came after students in low-income schools complained they didn’t have quality textbooks, teachers or school facilities.

Fixing the air conditioners and heaters is important to our school because students can get very sick from the cold weather. Some students even say that the cold weather makes them unable to concentrate. If one student gets sick, then there will be a chance that another will also become ill. If that happens, then those students will have some catching up to do. This wouldn’t be fair to them because it’s the school’s fault that it is so cold. The solution would be to fix the heaters so our students can come to school every day.

Another problem is the air conditioners on hot days. Students can’t concentrate in the heat when the air conditioners don’t work. Some classrooms have had to resort to fans, which don’t provide much cooling down for the entire room. And when students can’t concentrate, they do poorly. And when they do poorly, they fail. The best way to solve this problem is by fixing the air conditioners.

Lastly, it is against state law to keep classrooms between 65 degrees and 80 degrees. Our school can’t afford a lawsuit or financial penalties.

It’s understandable that our school might have to struggle to find the money to fix the heating and air conditioning. But it will be cheaper to fix the air conditioners and heaters than to go through a lawsuit.

Therefore, if Fremont High wants to avoid making students sick, causing students to lose focus or getting penalized for a Williams Case violation, the best solution would be to fix the air conditioners and heaters across campus.