Fremont Receives Mixed Grades

It’s nearly the end of the semester, and the Green & Gold is ready to give our school another report card.

This time we look at school spirit, upstanders lunches and our voters. Thanks to the voters, our grades this time put Fremont High School on the Honor Roll with a 2.0 GPA.  Here’s the story behind the grades.

Considering our school hasn’t had cheerleaders for two years, Fremont still puts together a decent amount of spirit. For example, the haka that the football players performed brought everyone together. [Sadly, the Oakland Athletic League is trying to stop that dance because they say it belongs at a cultural day, not a football game.]

Freshmen this year have more spirit than freshmen in previous years. Most of the freshmen participated in the whole week of spirit week.

But upperclassmen and the Fremont staff need to have more spirit. When spirit week comes around, not a lot of people participate. Some refuse to wear their assigned colors because they don’t like the ones their grade levels are assigned.
The majority of the students with school spirit are involved with athletics. Those people who aren’t in sports need to step their game up — after all, it’s not the Raiders themselves who make the games fun, it’s Raider Nation and the Raiderettes who do most of the spirit boosting.

Principal Daniel Hurst issued a big challenge to Fremont back in October after we went to see the movie “Bully.” He would extend lunch on Fridays if the school could go a week without a fight or at least behave as “upstanders” when a fight did break out.

That challenge has proven to be too difficult for many students.  A lot of people don’t know how to be an upstander and some would rather watch a fight than break it up.

But a lot of students are now starting to come together so the violence can stop. Sometimes people even talk about stopping fights because they want a longer lunch.

Hearing Hurst announce that Upstanders Lunch is going to happen is exciting for many students and teachers because they know they will have time for themselves to catch up on work or just socialize and relax.

We like the Upstanders Lunch a lot, but we do see some room for improvement. One thing they could do better is provide more vendors. The people they bring in are the same people who sell their food through the gate. The only difference is students don’t have to put money through the gate.

The other improvement needed is for the school to provide more activities during the hour-long lunch. Some people get bored without anything new to do during that time.

They passed it, they passed it, and we give them an A+ for that.

Voters on Nov. 6 approved Measure J, the $475 million bond proposition that will give Fremont up to $100 million to remodel and rebuild.

The Green & Gold is giving the voters a giant thumbs-up for their recognition of the need to rebuild our school. This means homeowners are going to pay $30 to $60 more a year on taxes for each $100,000 of property they own. We are glad people see these taxes as a good investment in our future and the city’s future.

Right now, temporary portables that have been made permanent are moldy and falling apart, bathrooms don’t have proper facilities, and students don’t have a 100-yard football field. This will change thanks to voters.

Fremont has a great community and made a better school facility possible. Awesome job voters!