New Fremont High administrators needed now

School needs leaders to bring communication, control back to school

Fremont students are very upset about the school’s new administration and an incident Jan. 8 pushed some of them to organize a protest yesterday that called on the district to fire two employees.

The incident that prompted the protest involved one vice principal and one security officer trying to keep a student from leaving the main office.

There are many sides to the story, but the Green & Gold staff believes one thing is clear — the current administrators need to be removed.

Instead, we need administrators to be more caring and involved in our school.

Here is what we want in a new administration:

A principal who is more involved. For example, if a fight breaks out, it should be the principal who is the lead in the resolution of the problem.

Also, the principal needs to be seen on campus. We never see the current principal. We need the principal to get to know students. Many of us remember the last principal calling us by our first names.

We want the principal to be active in assemblies and rallies.

We also need the administration to be better organized and way better at communicating. We want them to be clear when they make changes to bell schedules. The current administration was unclear about the assemblies this week and teachers did not know what to tell us. They also changed the final exam schedule in the middle of finals.

Finally, we need an administration that will get the school into control.

We want them to open up the hallways at lunch instead of having students packed into just a few areas of the campus. If the hallways were opened, students could build better relationships with teachers, and the teachers would provide more supervision on campus. The new administration should not let the security officers only patrol the hallways during lunch — they need to be out on campus.

Although we hear that there is no chance of getting our old principal back, we want the district to find someone who is like Principal Emiliano Sanchez.

Sanchez listened to students, knew their names, knew when to be funny and when to be serious and was a good communicator.