“People will be nervous and scared”

A Mandela Academy student predicts the outcome of the presidential election

Lucia Ishaq Enoch, Contributing writer

People will be nervous and scared. There’s been so much tension between Hillary and Trump, and even the voters. A lot of people agree with Hillary about how she’s going to help America, and a lot of people don’t. The same goes for Trump.

People are saying this year, there are 60 percent more voters because of how many young people can vote now.

What Hillary and Trump are doing is very debateable. I think the people who aren’t voting aren’t aware of what’s been going on. If they knew what Trump wanted, or what Hillary wanted, I’m sure they would have something to say.

At the end of the day, everybody is going to have their own opinion, so I can’t really say who voters will vote for. It’s their choice.

Everybody has their own opinions and people will vote for the person who they think will serve our country  “the right way”.

american-flagPhoto by Joel McGrath