Tigers Break Bread and Celebrate Culture


Fremont Tigers broke bread on Wednesday, Feb. 22, to celebrate Black History month and build unity at Fremont.

The Break Bread event took place after school by the basketball courts. All Fremont students were invited to eat food, play games, and listen to music as well spend quality time with teachers and friends.

“I’m hoping everyone can laugh together, eat together and tell some stories. Maybe [they] even make a new friend, and just be a part of the culture,” said Coach Scot, Fremont’s P.E. teacher, boys basketball coach and athletic director.

The purpose of the event was to build a connection with African American culture as well to connect people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Southern soul food like mac and cheese, fried chicken, sweet potatoes, cornbread and other delicious foods were provided for the Fremont community.

Coach Scot said the event helped people understand Black culture, Black unity, and Black power.  He also said he hopes in the future Fremont could celebrate a different culture each month. “I think that would be good for the school,” he said. “We so have many different nationalities. I mean, I love everybody.”

Even though this event featured African American culture, many other ethnicities were present. Everyone was together as one which made the celebration more special. The great diversity that was in the space was unique.