Freshmen to tour the Me! Me! Me! Media Academy

Freshmen to tour the Me! Me! Me! Media Academy

Freshmen walked into the 1200 hallway on April 17 to see 749 lockers covered with multi-colored  logos with “Me” on them.

“Me, Me, Me,” some of them said. Others wondered what the heck was going on with all these “me” logos.

Today, April 18, some of them will find out when they tour Media Academy as part of their visit to all three academies. They will decide next week which academy to join next year.

Students in Media Academy’s newspaper class today gave them some reasons they should join.

“The Media Academy has been the driving force in my success and the success of others,” said senior Diego Garcia. “As a future UC Berkeley student, I found the me in Media.”

Apart from leading students to academic success, the Media Academy also helps  provide a way for students to unleash their creativity, according to some students.

“I like being at Media Academy because it gives me a chance to express all the crazy ideas I have,” said senior M’kala Payton.

Payton has been involved in radio and video production for her three years in the academy. She plans to go to San Francisco State University.

Some students, such as junior Brittany Speck, say they think the electives that Media Academy offers are better than what other schools offer. She transferred to Media Academy this year from Modesto and is taking the Green & Gold newspaper class with teacher Lisa Shafer and Graphic Design with teacher Anita Smiley.

“Freshmen should join because Media Academy  has dedicated teachers who are always willing to help,” said senior Arnice St. Remy, the opinion editor for the newspaper a member of GSA.  “And they will gain important communication skills for the workplace.”

Senior Shantel Berry said she became very social from her four years at Media.

“I talk to everybody,” she said.

Berry says she is happy to talk to any freshman who has questions about Media Academy.