School supper considered best cafeteria meal

Afternoon meal helps draw students to Extended Day Program


Eric Flood

Extended Day Program students receive their spaghetti supper one day in February. Supper has been served at Fremont since October 2012 and is the most popular meal on campus.

Fremont students can get breakfast,lunch and supper all in one place — the school cafeteria.

And it is supper — the newest meal — that gets the best reviews by students.

In a survey of 21 students on, nine (43 percent) said they thought supper was the best meal. Breakfast and lunch each received 3 votes (14 percent) and six students (29 percent) said no meal was done well at Fremont.

The Fremont supper program began served Oct. 12, 2012. In its first year, it was served at 5:30. p.m. However, this year it is served after school at 3:30 p.m. The change was made to get more students to take advantage of the meal, said cafeteria workers.

Between 40 and 70 suppers are served each day.

Senior Daquan Wright works as part of the E-Team, which helps run the Extended Day Program. He frequently eats supper while at work.

“It’s free and it’s good,” said Wright.

The cook for supper is Sue Chen, although sometimes students help out by serving the food.

Castro, who works for the Extended Day Program, said that supper is a help to the after school activities.

“It draws more students to the program,” he said.