Silver! Fremont wins first OAL championship

After losing six games with two forfeits, Fremont Tigers won the Silver Bowl, 18-6.

The Tigers played against Oakland Tech Bulldogs on Nov. 27 at 1 p.m. on the beautiful campus of Laney College.

Sione Tupou’ata, tight end, defensive end, and running back, scored two touchdowns and ran 296 yards while, Ivan Nisa, running back, full back, and quarter back, scored one touchdown and put them in the lead, 18-6.

The score stayed 18-6 until Joe Coleman, free safety, wide receiver, and corner, made an interception at the end of the game.

The players were very excited about their first win in the Silver Bowl.

“It feels good to make history and be champion; to be the first one to win the Silver Bowl at Fremont,” said Nisa.

After playing on Fremont football team for four years, Tupou’ata received the Most Valuable Player award for the OAL.

“It feels good to achieve MVP, because I never thought I would,” said Tupou’ata.

“Over the summer my coach told me that I was going to be MVP, and I didn’t believe it until at the game, they called my name out.”

The team went through a lot to get to the Silver Bowl.

“We work hard at practice, watch films over and over, and went over the plays,” said Nisa.

Teammate, Tupou’ata, agrees with what Nisa said.

“Like Ivan said, we go over plays at least 50 times or one play,” said Tupou’ata. “The coaches want us to perfect in our plays to succeed in the game.”

After their rough start the players are happy with how the season ended.

“Overall I feel like we did good,” said Tupou’ata.”From all the ups and downs we had in the season we stuck it out and came out on winning the championship.”

Another player, Nisa, said “Overall, we were the underdogs. Nobody believed in us but ourselves.”

Winning the Silver Bowl meant a lot to the players and they really appreciate the coaches for all that they done for them. The coaches were more than just a coach; they were like family to the team. 

“I had a good time working with my team. We built a family thanks to the coaches and the staff.”

The head coach, Isamu Falevai, had a lot to say; not only about the win but also the players’ education.

“It’ll feel better once they graduate from college,” said Falevai. “Graduating is the real Silver Bowl.”