Baseball player subs for Oakland schools during off season

It’s not normal to be able to look up your substitute teacher’s height, weight and Major Leage Baseball batting average on the Internet.

But students could do that for Dave McKae, a professional baseball player who subbed this spring at Media Academy.

McKae is from Walnut Creek and graduated from University of California, Davis in 2005 with a degree in economics.

The Major League Player graduated from San Ramon Valley High School in 2000.

McKae has subbed at a few schools in Oakland – Castlemont, Fremont Federation, YES and Oakland High.

McKae, who played for the Giants for four years and one year for the Red Sox, said he started to sub because it was off-season and he needs some extra money.

In high school, McKae threw the ball 80 mph. Scouts and colleges passed him up.

In 2007, during off-season, he wrote a book called “In Pursuit of Pitching Perfection,” a book about pitching.

McKae said he gave private lessons to little kids at the San Francisco Giants stadium and did a lot of networking during the off-season.          

It is McKae’s first year as a substitute and he said he is enjoying it.

“It’s something I enjoy since I enjoy teaching baseball,” said McKae.

Some students were shocked to hear that we had a professional baseball player to sub at an Oakland school.

“I would expect him to have other things to do,” said Derick Moul, a senior at Media Academy. “He must care about education.”

Howard Ruffner said he appreciated McKae for subbing for his classes. Ruffner teaches four sections of Journalism to freshman and the yearbook class.

Ruffner said his first substitute quit because she couldn’t handle his freshman class.

But it appeared that McKae knew what he was doing.

“I was pleased,” said Ruffner.”I finally got someone who know what discipline is.”

McKae was a very good sub besides discipline, Ruffner said.

“When I met him, he was really nice,” he added. “He was very good and took good notes.”