Captains gather at Raiders’ training facility


The Raiders told the Tigers not to use steriods to improve their sports preformance.

This was during a trip to Alameda County Training Facility Sept. 28 to talk about being above the influence of steroids.

This trip was also was to inform student-athlete leaders about the causes and effects of steroid use and other ability enhancers.

The captains from the baseball, football, basketball, track, volleyball and wrestling team got together to represent Fremont.

Along with Fremont Federation of High Schools, students from Skyline High School and Davis High School attended.

After the group session, the athletes had to make up skits or posters that displayed what they On the trip the guys and girls split into two groups.

The guys’ learned about Athletes Training and Learning to Avoid Steroids (ATLAS), and girls learned about Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise & Nutrition Alternatives (ATHENAS).

Raiders quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, wide receiver Luis Murphy and linebacker Sam Williams spoke to the group, and the day ended with a group picture.