Cross country runs short on athletes

Although it had a slow start, the cross country team is now up and running.

While it is a sport on its own, cross country is used by many athletes to get in shape for other ports.

Mandela Law & Public Service Academy senior Pedro Alejandre is a member of cross country who joined to get in shape for soccer.

“Cross country is open for everyone that wants to be healthy and in shape,” said Alejandre.

Alejandre also is a kicker for the Fremont Tigers football team.

Paul Coover, a physical education teacher and the Fremont boys athletic director, coaches the cross country team and has been frustrated that the team does not attract more athletes.

“The team has commenced with a slow start, but will continue on, even though the team is low on runners.”

Coover said that “on a good day,” the team gets more than eight runners to practice.

Fremont students with a minimum 2.0 GPA who have taken a physical examination can join the team.

“We have five meets throughout the course of the season, but depending on the runners we have, we might not get to them all,” said Coover.

According to Coover, the purpose of the team is to run, be competitive and win.

“This year is not going well,” said Coover. “If we want to be successful, we need more committed students in the team.”

Practice is every day after school. Coover said, “The sport is open to any student, who are willing to stay after school and improve their endurance at running.”