Cheerleaders struggle to raise funds for uniforms

Cheerleaders struggle to raise funds for uniforms

Fremont cheerleaders at the first game of the season versus McClymonds.

When Fremont had its first home game against McClymonds on Oct. 14, the cheerleaders may not have been wearing traditional green and gold uniforms, but they still brought good-old fashioned Tiger Spirit.

Instead of skirts and sweaters in the school colors, the cheerleaders wore black leggings and white T-shirts with the slogan of “Fremont Laney Camp 2008, which Athletic Director Darlene Miller gave to them to wear.

“We got started late on fundraising,” said senior cheerleader Jorray Hart. “We are working on having our uniforms by the start of basketball season.”

The cheerleaders have been told that they have to raise $200 each to pay for their own uniforms.

The cheerleaders were trying to reach their deadline of Oct. 20 to raise enough money to buy uniforms for the Nov. 12 Homecoming game against Castlemont, but fell short. Their next goal is to  fund raise enough money to buy uniforms for the start of basketball season.

So far, the cheerleaders have sold popcorn. Some are selling Lady Tiger T-shirts with help from the YMCA After School Program. One of the cheerleaders is even selling snacks at lunch to raise her share of the uniform money.

“It’s disrespectful to cheerleaders. The school should help us because we are the school and the school would be dead without cheerleaders,” said freshman cheerleader Keyioni Moore.

The cheerleading team has about nine active members, but up to a few dozen girls have been practicing since the beginning of the year. Some girls were unable to cheer at the McClymonds game because they did not make grades.

Despite not having uniforms at the first home game, the cheerleaders kept the spirit going. They held up green and gold signs spelling out “F-R-E-M-O-N-T T-I-G-E-R-S” and asked some fans to help hold them. They made a sign that said “The Warriors” on butcher paper for the Tigers to run through and tear apart at the start of the second half.

The spirit is welcomed by football players.

“We need each other,” said quarterback Gregory Pierson. “Cheerleaders are the drums of the band. We the band; they’re the drums.”