Penny’s heart is set on college volleyball


Tierra Penny

College Preparatory & Architecture Academy senior Tierra Penny has been playing volleyball for Fremont’s for three years and plans to play it in college.

Green & Gold staff writers Araceli Ramos and Alex Toris asked her some questions so other students can get to know her better.

How long have you been playing on Fremont’s volleyball team?
I have been playing [for] Fremont for three years now. I been playing this school started as a sophomore.

What are some strong points for you in a game?
Well, over time, my passing, hitting, serving and setting has gotten better. I’m very [good] in all of them, but my strongest for the team is setting.

Roughly how many points do you score in each game?
I don’t really keep track of scores or points, but my objective in the game is to set everyone up so that we could get points.

What motivates you to play and stay in school?
My parents. I don’t want to grow up and have to struggle to survive, and I don’t want my kids to either. And, plus, I’m just a book-smart person.