Basketball player excited for season


Leland Moore, Media Academy senior and shooting guard for the Tiger basketball team.

Media Academy senior Leland Moore, a shooting guard for the boys basketball team, spoke to our freshman reporters.

What is your basic workout?

Running for 2.5 miles, doing 150 push-ups, 500 sit-ups and 300 jumping-jacks.

What adjustments do you make for your team?

You sometimes have to sacrifice your individual achievements for what’s better for the team.

How do you feel about the season?

I feel confident. We have a legitimate chance to do good.

What was your best experience with the team?

Our first game this season against Hayward High. We were only able to have four players play during the last few minutes of the game. People thought we were going to lose, but we pulled together and won 62-54.

What is your goal this year?

To win the state championship.