Pumped up kicks

Pumped up kicks

For every athlete there is a shoe.

Most athletes have a personal preference of one brand over others because of how the shoes feel and how they believe the shoes improve their performance. Below are a few Tiger favorites.

Fremont soccer player and Mandela High senior Joel Lopez purchased one of the newest soccer shoes of 2011, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superflys, online at soccer.com. Lopez spent around $400 on the pair because they are made with carbon fiber which makes the shoes light and helps players run faster. It also helps their feet stay cool.

“I like my shoes because they are really comfortable and light. It helps me feel better in the field,” said Lopez.

Varsity basketball player and Media Academy junior Dejanay Wayne has the Nike Hyperdunks of 2011. Nike.com claims the shoe gives a supportive fit and is made for lightening quick cuts and fast-paced play on the court.

“It makes me run faster and jump higher,” said Wayne.

After seeing the shoes in East Bay magazine, she ordered them from eastbay.com and the Nike Hyperdunks were shipped to the school.

Wayne purchased her shoes for $80.

Soccer player Karina Flores purchased the 2011 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III Rose Black. Flores spent $85 at the store Sports Authority. Flores said that the shoes make her feet more flexible. She likes the pair because they are pink, and it makes her think of the fight against breast cancer.