Track team cancelled; Tigers run as Titans


WOULD BE RUNNERS: Media Academy seniors Melique Grimes and Leland Moore practice running track after school in April 2011. This year, the track team has not been funded by the Oakland Athletic League.

The Oakland Athletic League has decided to cancel Fremont High School’s track team for the season.

Coach Paul Coover informed Green & Gold staff members that track was cancelled this year because not enough students were willing to participate in the track team.

Coover said he only had four runners, which led the OAL to make the decision to not hire an assistant coach, which the school has had in previous years.

The OAL is in charge of paying coaches.

Media Academy junior Juan Aguilar, who made it to the California State Championship in the fall as a cross-country runner was disappointed.

“I think that I was expecting more from other people. I thought that more people were going to join,” said Aguilar. “It’s really disappointing knowing that there’s a lot of people that can actually compete and run track, but they don’t actually show up or go [to meets]. I feel like people need to get more involved.”

Others who wanted to join the team for the first time also were frustrated with the OAL’s decision.

“I love running, and I thought this would be a good experience for me, [but] when I found out there wasn’t a track team anymore, I was kind of disappointed,” said Media junior Alejandra Lopez, who is also a track team member.

However, Lopez says she wants to continue running even if the school does not have a team.

“Right now I’m still running [and] I’m practicing for next year,” Lopez added.

Green & Gold staff members tried multiple times to contact OAL Commissioner Michael Moore to ask about canceling Fremont’s track season, but did not receive a response.

Students at Fremont still have a chance to run. Coover recently informed the Green & Gold staff that the OAL is now letting Fremont runners be a part of Skyline’s track and field program.

“I feel like it’s unfortunate that the OAL decided that Fremont can’t have a team of its own, but the more important thing is that the kids at Fremont have a chance to participate in track and field. I’m happy about that,” said Coover.