Team back on track with new coach and spirit

Track is back at Fremont High with a new head coach who is also a new Fremont security officer — Lorenzo Newell.

Newell, a graduate of Berkeley High School,  ran as a part of the Merritt College track team for two years.
With track starting two weeks late, it is building into a quality organization although all issues they face are holding them back.

“One of our problems [is not having enough] motivated athletes,” said Newell.

New track runners are eager to learn from the experienced coach.

“I am eager to learn new [running] techniques this year,” said freshman Naji Mosely.

Newell wants his team to be positive but yet still competitive.

“I want my runners to be positive, organized, and to be productive during the season” said Newell.

Fremont’s track team is led by two seniors Sydnee Logan and Nicholas Ross.

“I want my senior captains to demonstrate discipline, motivation, and to give positive and negative criticism. Also [to] support the younger athletes,” said Newell.

After only running for a couple of years in college, Newell demonstrates leadership on and off the track by “wanting all [of his] runners to be on honor roll, or at least have a 2.5 GPA.”

Everyone on the track team is on the same plan, with one main goal, to win.

“I just want to win because lately Fremont has been losing in all sports and we want to show that Fremont has athletes too,” said sophomore Tyshone Gaines

Because runners like the new coaching staff, their heads are kept in a good place.

“I like the new head track coach. He believes in us and gives us positive feedback. For someone who only ran for two years, he understands [it] so much, [and] that shows us a lot,” said Logan.

Newell and the captains are working on the long term future of track, they want to give their younger athletes the experience and leadership that they have, so they can lead the track team next year.

Unlike other teams this one is co-ed, they practice together. Newell notices both the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

“One of the team’s main weaknesses is its numbers. There are not enough motivated players with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. With only fourteen runners in all, we only four male runners, and two female runners we plan on overcoming adversity,” said Ross.

One of the teams strengths is heart.

“One of the team’s strengths is having heart, although they are low on athletes, everyone who is a part of the team really wants to be there to improve their track skills,”said Logan.

With track starting slow and also some bumps are still in the road, Fremont captains still call for practice.

“We wanted to show the OAL we were serious about track so when they put our season in jeopardy we kept practicing, I say we’re committed,” said Ross

With adversity throughout his first year coaching, Newell still keeps his head held high and believes his team will prevail.

“We’ve been through alot before we even got to run but I still believe in the team,” said Newell.

Newell wants his team to be one of the most competitive teams in Oakland even when they are small in numbers.

“I just want us to run hard and compete hard,” said Newell.

With inexperienced first-year runners, the underclassmen look to learn new techniques to help them with the other sports in which they may participate next year.

“It’s kind of difficult to start late and have inexperienced runners because we’re trying to get better while helping others,” said Logan.

Two of the four runners are football players who have joined track to become faster and more coordinated.

“I look to become faster so I can dominate on the field. I want to be the fastest on the team,” said Gaines, a sophomore who also plays football.